Innovation Challenge 2020

Celebrating Innovation That Is Leading Progress in Palliative Care

Will you be the International Congress Innovator of the Year for 2020? Do you have compelling research, a best practice, an approach, a tool or resource that's making a difference in palliative care?

The winner will be named International Congress Innovator of the Year and will receive the "Canadian Virtual Hospice Prize" of $1,000 CAN to support the ongoing development of their innovation.

We are seeking people who have introduced change that has improved hospice and palliative care in their health facility or program, community, country or beyond.

Remember, small and simple can be HUGE and impactful.


Submit your innovation using the online form below before midnight Eastern Time, May 31, 2020.

The Challenge:

Six finalists will be chosen through a peer review process to compete in a high-energy power hour of innovation on Wednesday, October 15, at 12:40 – 13:50. An interdisciplinary team of peer reviewers will select the 6 finalists. Finalists will have 6 minutes to capture the attention of the voting audience and our panel of eminent Palliative Care judges. The use of creative modalities including art, music, images and video is encouraged. Traditional Powerpoint presentations will be disqualified.


• You work or volunteer in hospice and palliative care anywhere in the world.
• Your innovation has improved hospice and palliative care in your health facility, community, country or beyond in some way.

Submission Deadline:

May 31, 2020, 12 midnight ET

Other Important dates:

June 22, 2020      6 successful finalists notified
June 30, 2020      Deadline for finalists to register for the Congress (early bird rates will apply)
October 14, 2020  Finalists present their innovations